Signature Matilda Blue Light Reading Glasses


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Thick frame and bold style. For those who choose to make a statement with their eyewear.

Designed for readers, these stylish, anti-blue light reading glasses protect your eyes from the modern lifestyle and allow you to read and work in comfort.

Available in 4 colours and 5 reading strengths.

Both frame and lens is made of polycarbonate.


Care Instructions

- Clean your lenses and frame regularly with water and a drop of mild liquid lotion-free soap.

- Gently shake off water drops — dry your lenses with a soft, clean microfibre lens or lint-free cotton cloth.

- Keep your glasses away from household detergents and beauty products such as hairspray and perfume. These can damage lenses and coatings.

- Use both hands when you put on and take off your glasses.

- Store your glasses in the provided pouch.

- Don’t wipe your lenses with a towel that has been washed with fabric softener, as this can leave a cloudy film on your lenses.Don’t put your glasses down on heat sources like oven’s, or leave them in a hot car.

- Don’t put your glasses down on the curved side of the lenses. This can scratch the surface of the lenses.


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