Long Wheat Packs


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Long Wheat Packs by Mary-Fran Danica

Various designs available

15cm x 45cm


Wheat packs are designed to provide relief from muscle and joint pain, to aid in recovery from injury, and to reduce the effects of stress, as well as simply helping you relax and unwind.

They can also be used cold as an ice pack substitute for the first aid treatment of sprains and strains, but without the inconvenience and dampness that comes from using ice.

Our wheat packs have been handmade in New Zealand since 2001, gaining a loyal following thanks to our fine quality and innovative designs.

We use only the highest quality 100% cotton fabrics to ensure the packs remain dry against the skin after heating.

Our wheat packs contain 100% New Zealand grown wheat, machine dressed and heat treated to remove dust, making them safer for asthmatics and allergy sufferers alike.


Microwave (650 Watt) on towel on high (100%) for 2 to 3 minutes. This is only a guide and for powerful microwaves less time is required.

Heating over maximum times risks scorching of wheat. If required reheat after minimum of 30 minutes for a maximum of 1 minute. Initially you may notice moisture but this diminishes with use.


  • Do not use wheat bags as bed warmers.
  • Do not over-heat (recommended maximum is three minutes for manufactured bags).
  • Do not reheat the bag until it has completely cooled
  • Do not leave the microwave unattended when heating a bag.
  • Do not store the wheat bag until it is cold.
  • Do not use the bag if you observe any problems.

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